Mama Talk

A Good Cause – or Hypocritical?

My baby was hungry a couple times in my nightmare breastfeeding experience, and it made me crazy.

A mother’s instinct is to feed her baby.  And some moms just can’t. I’m not disputing La Leche League, because I do believe that there is a solution to every breastfeeding problem. I’m just saying, sometimes the mom doesn’t find the solution because she isn’t prepared or educated or stocked with the resources she needs to be successful, whether they be financial, support system or whatever.

My new favorite cause is this Feed A Baby program. You can provide formula for babies who would literally starve without it – for just $1/day.

Is it hypocritical for me to want to send infant formulas I clearly disagree with to these dear, sweet hungry babies?  No! We do what we have to do, and we weigh priorities.  Even I’m not that much of an absolutist to have babies starve if they can’t get breastmilk or homemade goat milk formula. I don’t know who would be.

So please feed a baby today, and not just your own.  Click here to donate.


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