Feeding Your Baby Goatmilk Formula

Feeding Your Baby Goat Milk Formula

It’s controversial.  It’s crazy.  For me, it was the only thing I felt comfortable doing when breastfeeding didn’t work as planned.

But it’s tricky keeping stocked with all the ingredients you need, remembering to reorder on time, measuring, and just knowing which brands to purchase.

I’m creating a GoatMilkMama “Everything But the Milk” Kit that includes all the ingredients you need for 30 days of formula that you can have shipped to your home monthly when you join the GoatMilkMama Club. It’s about the same price as commercial formulas, but in my opinion far more healthy, safe, and natural for your baby.

All you have to do is choose your milk option and add it to my ingredients. Currently no one in this country is allowed by the FDA to ship milk from state to state, but I am looking for a way and fighting for the right to get you raw milk weekly to go with your formula.
1) raw milk from a local farmer or natural grocery store (I prefer raw goat milk for its similarity to breast milk – I am the Goat Milk Mama!; however, raw cow milk is also a good choice if your baby does okay on it and it’s easier to find in your area)

2) pasteurized liquid goat milk available at some Walmarts and all WholeFoods, or

3) pasteurized powdered goat milk available online and at nutritional supply stores.

I  listed them in order of preference for optimal nutrition and results.  I have used all of them – raw most frequently, liquid pasteurized in a pinch, and powder for traveling, and my baby not only loves the raw most, but does the best with it as far as spitting up, weird poops, and gas. Especially, especially for infants 0-4 months I would recommend doing whatever you can to get the raw goat milk, as their little digestive systems need as natural as possible.


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