Feeding Your Baby Goatmilk Formula

What I learned from a TX Dairy Farmer today – Raw Milk in Plano / Dallas, TX

I just want to give a shout-out to amazing dairy farmer I met today – Deanna Moore, owner of Lavon Farms in Plano,TX. She and her husband sell RAW cow milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and eggs on their property, a little country respite hidden away off of Jupiter and Parker Roads.

My husband, 11-month-old son, and I went to the farm today to purchase our raw milk, this time not only for the baby formula but also for us grownups.  (I just can’t stomach the thought of buying pasteurized, Big Dairy, sad cow, homogenized milk anymore, even though it is so much cheaper – raw milk is $8/gallon; while I can get milk at Walmart or Albertsons for 99 cents sometimes!)

Anyway, we showed up to the farm and a small camera crew was interviewing customers for a documentary film about raw milk in Texas.  They they hope to get clips on the news around the state to raise awareness of raw milk, as well as lobby for farmers’ rights to sell raw milk at farmer’s markets and provide home delivery.

While I’m usually not the type who wants the limelight (I’m a writer, not an actor!) I was THRILLED to say my piece for the cameras, in light of my recent findings regarding the FDA rulings on raw milk.  (I perceive their laws to be a total injustice to farmers, consumers, health rights, and I’m FURIOUS that they are stealing our freedoms and suppressing true health in this country in favor of fake, processed, junk and medical sales.  The same people who regulate our food are getting wealthy from our illness – food and DRUG administration, think about it.)

I shared with them how I fed our baby raw goat milk formula and now have switched to cow milk for the winter months (“my” goats from the share of the herd I bought into dried up for the winter)… I told them what a blessing it is to be able to access raw milk – some states forbid the sale of raw milk completely – and I said, “THIS IS AMERICA! Farmers should have the right to sell their milk where they want and consumers should be able to make the choice and take the risks involved (which are negligible).”  Or something like that.  =)  I was happy to have a little stab at the crappy FDA rulings and promote raw milk to people who see the film and maybe haven’t tried it.

I also learned two new things from the farm’s owner –

Two New Things I learned from Deanna  –

1) It is illegal in the state of Texas to buy raw milk and take it home to your neighbor. Milk trafficking, is what I’m calling it. Absolutely ridiculous rule.  I knew that in Texas, you are only allowed to buy raw milk at the farm, and farmers can only sell it on their farms; but I didn’t think about all the little legalities surrounding that.

2) Her cows, Guernseys and Jerseys, are the only two types of cows who produce the same protein found in human breastmilk and goat milk – A2 protein.  Your body responds to A1 protein like an invader, a foreign substance, because we naturally don’t need it; while it responds to A2 protein as a friend.  Do you know what kind of milk protein you’re getting and how it might be affecting you?  My next project is to research what types of cows different grocery store brand milks use.

I’ll also post more info about the Texas Raw Milk Documentary, as I get it. Again, visit Lavon Farms website, and if you live in or around Dallas, TX, visit the farm for some awesome raw milk.


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