Feeding Your Baby Goatmilk Formula, Join The Club

Making Goat Milk Formula Easier…

Okay, well it’s not easier quite yet, because my “Everything But the Milk Kit” isn’t ready yet, and raw milk is still illegal to ship across state lines! (Boooo, FDA!) So, as a result, it’s still pretty inconvenient keeping stocked with all the ingredients, pulling them all out onto your kitchen counter every day, measuring every day, and making a little (or big) mess to clean up.  Not to mention driving to the farm or grocery store or co-op to get your raw milk.

I’m working on developing a Goat Milk Mama Club, where you will receive everything you need to make homemade goat milk formula for your baby, shipped to your home monthly in convenient packaging.  Just open, dump in the blender, add your milk of choice and push the button.  (I recommend keeping it in the blender until you’re ready to pour into a glass bottle and warm.)

This blog is to promote my upcoming product and raise awareness about raw milk, health freedoms, and dangers of commercial formulas.

Get on the Waiting List Now-

Don’t worry about buying anything, because I’m not ready to sell anything.  But I want to know who’s interested when I do get my “Everything But the Milk Kit” and raw milk home delivery system ready.  Get on the waiting list below, and you’ll get a 15% lifetime discount to your Goat Milk Mama Club membership when I’m ready to sell.  And of course if at that time, you don’t want to join, no problem. 

Thank You!!

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