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Iron Fortified Formulas Lead to Lower IQ?

Here it is: another study w/ 3 important facts:

iron formula baby
Pump that Iron, Baby! Or not.

1) Commercial formulas have too much iron, according to doctors in the iron field, some with toxic levels!

2) “Iron deficiency is not considered a problem for most infants in the industrialized world.” (WHY THE HECK DO ALL THE PRODUCTS HAVE EXTRA IRON IN THEM THEN? ANSWER ON THIS BLOG ENTRY – be prepared for conspiracy and highly opinionated Truth.)

3) Formula companies are marketing iron-fortified formulas in an irresponsible way – this article says it’s without investigating the risks for healthy children, but I say they full-well know the risks and are doing it on purpose (there goes the conspiracy… but why would they do this?)

Here’s the article excerpted from


Iron fortified formula can lead to lower IQ, study finds

A groundbreaking study by American scientists has found that “iron-fortified” infant formula can lead to neurodevelopmental delays in healthy children. The extensive study, conducted on nearly 500 Chilean infants and spanning 10 years, found that by the age of 10, healthy infants who had been fed iron-rich formula scored lower on every neurological tests used by the researchers. These included tests for spatial memory, visual motor integration, IQ, visual perception and motor coordination.

The high-iron group had lower scores “on every outcome,” said Dr. Betsy Lozoff, the principal researcher. These included tests for spatial memory, visual motor integration, IQ, visual perception and motor coordination. There was an 11-point difference in IQ scores between the low-iron and high-iron groups.

The babies in the study who were not fed iron-fortified formula were fed regular formula. Given the importance of breastfeeding for healthy cognitive development, it is expected that the demonstrated differences in outcomes would have been even greater had the iron-fortified group been compared with breastfed children.

While iron-fortified formula was said to have some benefits for iron-defecient babies, those with sufficient iron levels appeared to be adversely affected. Iron defeciency is not considered a problem for most infants in the industrialized world. Breastmilk has been shown to provide infants with sufficient amounts of iron even when mothers are

“Most of us in the iron field would be comfortable with formulas having less iron in them,” said Dr. Michael Georgieff, “[…] there may be potential toxicity in certain groups consuming a high-iron formula.”

Many formula labels carry messages like “iron fortified” or “infant formula with iron.” These messages appeal to parents who have long been told children benefit from receiving iron. In light of this new study, such marketing tactics appear highly irresponsible. Clearly, formula companies have never taken the time to investigate the potential impact of high-iron formulas on healthy children, and have been marketing iron-fortified products to the general public for years with no warning of its consequences. Unless formula companies change their marketing in light of this evidence, they will be knowingly endangering the cognitive development of the infants who consume their products.

Study: Neurodevelopmental Delays Associated With Iron-Fortified Formula for Healthy Infants, Lozoff et. Al.

Presented at PAS 2008: Pediatric Academic Societies and Asian Society for Pediatric Research Joint Meeting

via The New Born Baby – Iron Fortified Formulas May Lead to Lower IQ.

There ya have it – it pays to throw out everything being marketed in the mainstream and THINK FOR YOURSELF! I’m sorry for continuing to use all caps on certain portions, but I feel so strongly about this and don’t know how to express it any other way.

You are being lied to by a lot of companies, governments, and uneducated sheep-like consumers. Research for yourself. Trust your common sense, your mother’s instinct, and good ol’ Google.  =)  Just kidding sort of about that last part, but we all know that Google is a vast resource of information that can help us make crucial mothering decisions.

Don’t worry about your baby’s iron levels.  If he’s looking like he has energy, he’s probably fine.  I know that’s over-simplifying things, but at least it’s not bold-faced lying.

Note: I’m not a doctor, a scientist, a nutritionist, or a government expert.  I’m just a mama who loves her baby and cares about yours. So take my opinions and statements here for what they are – Opinions.  True ones, haha, but opinions nonetheless.


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