Raw Milk Controversies

Raw Milk Cheese in Budding California Investigated by FDA

Raw Cheese Budding California FDA

Budding Calif. Cheese Industry Gets Grilled By FDA : NPR.

Click that article, then read my comments.

40 people a year reporting illness from raw cheese?  It’s not just me who thinks that number is ridiculously low to be making a fuss about!

The president of the American Cheese Society said it herself, “You know, when I look at the track record of cheese and the safety, it’s pretty remarkable when you think of the number of people eating cheese every single day.”

Remember 40 people a year are getting sick from raw cheese, so they’re thinking of making pasteurization a requirement.

Come on, FDA – 716 people got sick from salmonella in PEANUTS in 2008-2009, and 200 confirmed illnesses and three deaths from e. coli in  SPINACH in 2006.  Are you saying that PEANUTS and SPINACH are unhealthy?  OF COURSE NOT.

These “outbreaks” of contamination happen in an imperfect world. People aren’t always as careful as they should be.  Yes, there should be guidelines and reasonable regulations on the state and federal level to ensure that people (farmers, manufacturers) are held accountable to high standards for all of our best interest.

All I’m saying is maybe those 40 people just have weak stomachs. Maybe they’re allergic to dairy in general.  A WHOLE LOTTA MAYBES.  I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it’s the “rawness” of the cheese.  I know that for those 40 people, the illness sucked. But what about the hundreds and possibly thousands of us who WANT TO REAP THE HEALTH BENEFITS of raw milk and gourmet deliciousness of raw cheese?

I have a friend who got a rash from raw milk (at least she blames the raw milk – it really could have been anything).  But you know what, she’s a smart woman with the freedom of choice.  She won’t be buying raw milk again.

I think that the consumer should have the right to choose whether or not they want raw or pasteurized and should eat both “at your own risk”. I don’t want my freedom taken away because of 40 people in a nation of over 300 million people.

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