Mamas Want to Know...

How do I mix my goat milk formula? 

Goat Milk Mama Organic Formula Alternative makes it easy for moms to have a fresh goat milk formula. In a blender, mix one pouch with 2 cups fresh goat milk and 1.5 cups water. Pour into bottles and store in the fridge until ready to warm. 

Where can I find goat milk?

Goat milk can be found in health food stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and even Walmart.  You can also find fresh goat milk at your local goat dairy farm; Google “goat dairy farm near me”. 

How do I keep my goat milk formula fresh on the go?

Treat your fresh goat milk formula like you would fresh milk. Keep it cold with coolers, thermoses, ice packs, and refrigeration. Many diaper bags come with cooler pockets. 

What is the shelf life?

Your product will have a Use By date on the packaging. 

How long will the mixed formula last in the fridge?

Your fresh goat milk formula will last as long as your milk.  Use the milk's expiration date as your guide to freshness.

Can I freeze the pouches?

Yes, to extend the shelf life, the pouches may be frozen and defrosted in the fridge or at room temperature when ready to use. Do not heat pouches to defrost.

Can I freeze my goat milk formula once mixed?

Yes, you can freeze the mixed goat milk formula. Defrost in the fridge when ready to use. Never heat your formula to defrost. Only heat when ready to feed, and follow our heating instructions. 

How do I heat my fresh goat milk formula? 

Put bottle in a mug of boiling hot water for 1-2 minutes or follow your bottle warmer’s instructions.  Test the temperature before feeding. 

Can I mix the product with cow milk?

Goat milk is the best choice to mix with our formula and what we recommend. It is the easiest to digest for most people. 

Can I feed goat milk formula to my baby under 12 months old?

Goat Milk Mama meets the FDA nutrition requirements for infants but has not yet undergone testing required before marketing as an infant formula, so we can only recommend for toddlers over 12 months old.